Display Rates

Net Rates
$9.70 per column inch
Repeats of 2x2 or larger display.
One ad at repeat rate per each ad at regular rate, no more than one week from regular rate ad, in same calendar month and on initial ad schedule.
$7.30 per column inch (net)
Iola Shopper Pick Up Rate
Add $7.30 per column inch (net)
Full Color or Spot Color - Full Page
Full Color or Spot Color - Half Page or Less
Web page standing ads


Mark L. Hastings, Advertising Manager

Whitney Ikehorn, Advertising Representative/Graphic Designer

Emily Sigg, Advertising Representative/Graphic Designer

**** Please DO NOT send images in a word document. (logos/photos) ****


Tips For Ads

1) Please send pictures as a JPEG (JPG) or EPS.
2) Please send pictures at 300 dpi (resolution) if scanned.
3) Digital pictures may be left at 72 dpi (resolution) as long as the original is sent.
4) Do not send pictures in a word document.
5) Text only may be sent in a word document.
6) Please do not send a bitmap image.
7) Send ads as a PDF, if the option is available.
8) If running an ad with color, please send in CMYK.
9) JPEG, EPS and PDF are acceptable file formats.

10) Photos and Logos are eye catching.
11) Please include phone number with ad requests so we may contact you with any questions.

Any questions or submit an ad please contact Whitney, Mark or Emily at
Phone: (620) 365-2111 or
E-mail: registerdisplay@gmail.com