‘Fabulous’ sister gets all the glory



November 21, 2019 - 9:59 AM

Dear Carolyn: I have a sister who is fabulous. She went to a very well-known university, followed by an exciting and lucrative career. She’s married to a very nice guy and they have two kids. They travel internationally at least twice a year. They have a multimillion-dollar home, so obviously they host all family gatherings now.

My life is far more average. I went to a state school and entered a normal career. I got married, but was struggling with infertility when my husband died suddenly. I spent years in a volunteer organization and was recently offered a great job working for them full time with great benefits.

I was at a family dinner last week when I told my family, and immediately afterward my sister announced she is going to be acting director of her company. I feel like I finally got something exciting to announce and my sister blew it out of the water. Again.

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