A Look Back in Time – 1960

60 Years Ago


May 6, 2020 - 10:32 AM

Lowell Baumunk, rural mail carrier at LaHarpe, has ended 44 years of postal employment and is retiring at age of 65. Lowell began his career at age 16 as a clerk in Humboldt before coming to LaHarpe at 19. He become a rural route carrier in 1915, using a team of horses. He changed to a Model T Ford in 1917.


In the celebration of its 100th birthday yesterday, the First Methodist Church of Iola was described as “a church only beginning.” The church was filled by a congregation of about 600. The Rev. Paul Pentz is pastor. Three choirs performed. Penny Ball, pianist, assisted the organist, Mrs. Burney Miller, in a prelude. The Rev. Charles E. Funk, a former Iolan and now of Houston, delivered the centennial sermon. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Funk who are among 19 who have been members for over 50 years. Those present included Mrs. J.E. Powell, the oldest member present, who was baptized in 1894. Judge Spencer A. Gard, chairman of the church board, presided.

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