A look back in time

In 1960, the Allen County Medical Society ended its contract with the county to care for the indigent.


February 11, 2020 - 10:47 AM

Members of 1952 Allen County Medical Association, front row from left, Drs. Sophia Nemeth, R.R. Nevitt, Frank X. Lenski, Gerald Pees, C.H. Vestle and F.L.B. Leavell; back row, R.O. Christian, Lyle Schmaus, E.E. Long, B.L. Myers, A.R. Chambers, Leo Robinson, Eugene Myers and J.R. Nevitt. Photo by Excerpted from The Chronicles of Allen County, 1946-2000

60 Years Ago

February 1960

The Allen County Medical Society voted last night to cancel its contract with the county for the care of welfare clients, effective March 1. This will terminate an arrangement which has been in effect in one form or another for about 10 years. Allen County was one of the first in the state to adopt the plan. The current contract calls for the county to pay $6.44 each month for each welfare client to the medical society. The society then paid all hospital and drug bills incurred by welfare clients and each month pro-rated the balance in the fund to each doctor in proportion to his fees for services. Dr. A.R. Chambers, society president, said that sometimes the doctors have been paid in full but in other months may have received as much as 70 percent less than the bills they submitted. Just how the doctors will bill for care given to welfare clients after the contract expires has not been determined, Miss Harlene Kackley, head of the welfare department, said this morning.

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