A look back in time – July 1980

40 Years Ago


July 24, 2020 - 12:50 PM

An urgent call to cut down on water use was issued from Iola City Hall. City Superintendent Jim Wilson said stored water in the towers dropped 20 feet over the weekend. “The plant is producing at capacity and water is being pumped into the towers from the plant as rapidly as it is being produced but we’re still losing ground. We are asking that all lawn and tree watering be stopped and that residents cut back on their use of domestic water by just washing dishes once a day and taking similar economies until we can build supplies back to a safe level in the towers,” Wilson said. Residents will be notified when they can resume limited watering of trees, shrubs and lawns, he added.


Refuge from the heat for the elderly and the ill is being provided in the basement and other community areas at the Townhouse Apartments, said Terry Little, administrator of the Iola Housing Authority. Transportation will be provided when necessary. Electric fans are also being sought from Iola residents to distribute to the elderly who have no means of providing air circulation in their homes. 

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