A look back in time – March 1961

60 Years Ago


March 17, 2021 - 8:57 AM

Mayor Mack Colt reported the Iola sewage disposal system is considered one of the worst on the Neosho River. If the plant isn’t replaced, he warned, the state could forbid any additional connections to it and bring building to a halt in the community. The Register begins a series of articles describing the proposed new sewage disposal plant, the Vine Street lift station and the improvements needed to the sewage collection network which will be financed by a bond issue to be voted on April 4. The plant will cost $374,745. The lift station, $16,000. 


City leaders are considering a town-wide street improvement program. The resolution outlines 18 street projects with an estimated cost of $426,385. In addition are two sewer proposals, one to repair and rebuild the existing storm sewer at an approximate cost of $108,000; the other creating a benefit district to serve lots in Meadowbrook, to be financed by property owners. The City Commission proposes to finance the approved projects through benefit districts similar to those used 10 or 12 years ago when many blocks in the residential area were resurfaced. 

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