A Look Back in Time – May 1950

70 Years Ago


May 18, 2020 - 9:54 AM

Commencement exercises were held for 78 rural school eighth-grade pupils at Memorial Hall. The following schools have graduates: Geneva, North Maple Grove, Carpenter, Rock Creek, Union, Neosho Valley, Central Avenue, Onion Creek, Prairie Center, Old Elsmore, Center Grove, Spring Valley, Nilwood, Salem, Jeddo, South Maple Grove, Prairie Dell, Walnut Grove, Odense, Prairie View, West Liberty, East Maple Grove, Bethel, Montevale, Golden Prairie, North Fairview, Belfry, Independence, South Fairview, Silver Leaf, Waverly, Petrolia, Gas City, Savonburg and Carlyle. Of these, 16 schools had only one eighth-grader. 


St. John’s Hospital, which has served Iola since 1905, will be closed on June 15, according to a letter received this morning from Mother Mary Anne, Mother Superior of the sisters of St. Joseph, Wichita. The announcement said employees of the hospital will be transferred to other hospitals and health care facilities operated by the church. The decision was made in the realization that a new hospital will be constructed in Iola.

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