A look back in time — April 1987

35 years ago

Around Town

April 15, 2022 - 3:09 PM

Georgia Roberts of Iola became worried last week when her sister, Nellie Obendorf of Idaho, didn’t arrive for a promised visit. Obendorf, 65, and her 71-year-old husband Orville, were trapped in snowdrifts as high as their car roof for 13 days on a country road near Norton. They had made a wrong turn off U.S. 36 during a blizzard and got stuck in the snow. They were rescued by a farmer clearing the road 13 days later. Both are recovering from minor frostbite in the Norton hospital. They survived, they said, on two boxes of Girl Scout cookies, peanut butter, eight cans of diet soda, blankets they happen to have in the car, conversation, a copy of Good Housekeeping and prayer. 


Harry Lee, Jr., LaHarpe, was promoted to colonel in the Kansas Army National Guard in ceremonies at the State Defense Building in Topeka. Lee is also director of informational management for the Kansas Guard. Lee began his military career in 1956 when he enlisted in the Iola Guard unit. He was commissioned a second lieutenant in 1960, promoted to captain and then to major in 1972. He was made executive officer of the 891st Engineer Battalion here and became battalion commander in 1977 when he became lieutenant colonel. Lee is manager of the LaHarpe Telephone Co.

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