A look back in time — May 1951

70 Years Ago

Around Town

May 25, 2021 - 10:43 AM

Dale Creitz

Charles Ableson announced today that he has sold his dry cleaning business to Ben C. Ellis of Holton. Ellis, a young man with a wife and two sons, has been engaged in a similar business in Holton and will come to Iola as soon as he can complete disposal of his business there. Ableson has been in the cleaning business in Iola for 31 years. He says he does not intend to retire but hasn’t yet made up his mind what new business he will enter. First, he said, “I’ve got a lot of golf balls to find — some of which haven’t even been lost yet.”


During the week after school closes, Dale P. Creitz, supervisor of the music department in Iola’s schools, will open his summer course in band and orchestra instruments. Those who enroll will later man one of the organized band or orchestras in the school system. So far 90 boys and girls have signed up for the 1951 session and Creitz expects that about 150 will join before the class opens. During the past seven years it has been one of the most popular summer programs in Iola.

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