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March 4, 2024 - 1:59 PM

Carlyle Presbyterian Church

Steve Traw’s message, “Like a Mustard Seed,” from Matthew 13:31-32 concerned the tiny mustard seed. The seeds are the smallest of all seeds, yet the plant grows between 15-30 feet high. 

This is the way the kingdom of God began. It began with 11 disciples and spread to the far reaches of the earth. Just like the mustard seed it started small and grew exponentially through faith. Only a master teacher, using proverbs and parables, can do such things. God’s gifts of eternal life cannot be earned by works but by the grace of God. 

Forty-two attended Sunday’s service. The bulletin shared the story of composer William Cowper’s “There is a Fountain.” This is a gift of God’s for anyone who suffers from depression. Emotional struggles lift us to the awareness of God.

Pianist Myrna Wildschuetz’s inspiring prelude was an Albert Brummley melody. The offertory piano piece was “Shall We gather at the River.” 

Kay Compton was the song leader this week. 

Bible study is Tuesday at the fellowship hall at 3 p.m. The lesson is 1 Timothy 2, one of the more controversial passages in the Bible. 

A reminder to set clocks one hour forward for daylight savings time that begins on March 10. The church will also have a session meeting at the hall on March 5 at 5:45.