Church says take this time to worship

Depend on God to get us through rough times, Colony Christian Church advises.

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March 24, 2020 - 10:01 AM

Colony Christian Church didn’t have a “normal” church service, so Pastor Chase Riebel gave the Communion Meditation. God calls us to gather together as believers, and to remember the sacrifice he made for us. We need to be dependent on God and not our government to get us through the rough times. When we come around the table for communion, we are declaring that we need Jesus for eternal life. We need Him to sustain us. He chose a meal and told us to eat it often. Every Lord’s Supper looks back to the Last Supper, but also looks forward to the Wedding Feast of Jesus with the Church. It is a picture of intimacy; who we choose to eat and drink with shows who we are loyal to.  (Ref: John 6:53, Romans 5:10)

Pastor Chase’s sermon was on “Protecting the Family.” Our job is to help our children build a solid, Godly foundation for their lives. Jesus tells the parable of the wise man who listens to his teachings. He is like the man who builds his house upon the rocks. He has a strong foundation, so whatever storms or trials come his way, his house won’t collapse. The foolish man doesn’t listen to Jesus’s teachings. It’s like a house built on the sand, it doesn’t take much wind and rain to bring it down. We must teach our children to listen to Jesus’s teachings, and to be good role models for them on how to follow that teaching. 

Lead your kids through these tough times with courage and confidence in God. (Ref: Matthew 7:24-27, Exodus 2:3-8, John 16:33, Hebrews 13:5-6.) Hear this and other sermons at Check out the church’s Facebook page for any changes.

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