Kiwanis Club learns about bison

The Iola Kiwanis Club meets weekly, noon Tuesdays, at the college and welcomes interest in membership.

Around Town

October 27, 2022 - 3:38 PM

The Iola Kiwanis Club welcomed Noah Gordon to its Tuesday meeting, who shared about his bison operation north of Kincaid.

Gordon and his family have a small herd on the Broken Arrow Bison ranch and plan to grow it as a cow-calf operation. He chronicles his venture and shares education through a YouTube channel, Broken Arrow Bison. The bison raising community, Gordon said, is very helpful and always willing to share experiences with each other to raise awareness and help independent operations grow.

Gordon taught Kiwanians about nomenclature — bison versus buffalo — as well as history of the species and subspecies in North America, the massacre of buffalo populations throughout history, efforts by state and national bison organizations, superior qualities of buffalo meat and physical characteristics of the animals.

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