Church: God’s laws endure


January 8, 2020 - 9:39 AM

At Sunday’s Colony Christian Church, Larry Wittmer gave the Communion Meditation referencing Psalm 119:89-96. God’s laws and commandments are for eternity, as enduring as the earth he created. Everything that has happened, and will happen, is by his word. We must know what his word is by studying it. God is loyal to what he created, forever. And heaven and earth are loyal to God’s word.

Pastor Chase Riebel gave the sermon on “Starting at the Beginning.” When we believe something, we act as if it were true. Our church doctrine is what we use to guide our church, and it comes directly from the Bible. We believe in one God. False gods mask themselves, they shift identity depending on what we want them to be.

Services begin Sunday mornings at 9:30 for Cross Training, and 10:45 for church service.

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