Daughter’s boyfriend must clean up diet



December 11, 2018 - 10:01 AM

Dear Dr. Roach: My daughter has been dating a man who is diabetic but is not diligent about his diet. He is outwardly in good health, in that he runs competitively and bicycles in races, but sometimes he has blood sugar readings of 300 plus. He loves a diet of meat, sauces, and rich and sugary foods, and is trying to cut back, but not very hard. He does seem to think he can change things on his own; he isn’t on insulin. I worry about her being in a long-term relationship with him. He is 47 and already has gout. What do you advise? Is he right that he can change this on his own with a small effort? — K.N.


Answer: A good diet is important for everybody, but it is critical for someone with diabetes, especially when that person’s blood sugar is out of control. I don’t have enough information to comment much on his diet (sugary foods, however, are clearly not a good idea; that may be the single most important dietary guideline for a person with diabetes), but he should be speaking with his doctor or with an experienced dietician nutritionist for advice.

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