Dog allergy doesn’t have to end relationships



October 31, 2019 - 9:55 AM

Dear Carolyn: My brother has always been a huge part of my 7-year-old son Brian’s life. My ex-husband works long hours and is not into sports or video games, which Brian loves, and my brother is a widower with a son a little older than Brian and has always been the one to take Brian to sporting events and play video games with him.

Brian really looked forward to sleepovers at his uncle’s house and sees my nephew as a big brother. The problem is, my brother remarried and Brian is extremely allergic to the new wife’s dog. He can’t spend any time at their home, so Brian saw much less of them.

The dog died last month and I was thinking Brian could start going over as soon as they gave the house a thorough cleaning. Now I find out my sister-in-law is looking at getting another dog. When I asked my brother why, knowing Brian can never stay with them, he just shrugged and said his wife can’t live without a dog. My sister-in-law always seemed to love my son but when I asked if she would consider getting another kind of pet, she flat-out refused.

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