Feeling worthless is a mental health issue



March 22, 2019 - 4:10 PM

Dear Carolyn: I can’t seem to get out of this pit of negativity about myself. I only hear the negatives people say about me; for example, I had a huge presentation at work, got several genuine complements, and all I heard was one person’s very mild criticism that I brushed too close to an issue our office does not discuss/handle. I constantly feel the need to apologize for anything and everything, even if it’s just that someone got upset at a situation, not at me.

Even when my husband says something just to be ridiculous or silly — he’s a bit of a comedian — I feel like it was my “fault” and did something wrong, so I’ll start apologizing for his silly, made-up situation. He tries to help but refuses to acknowledge that I think I suck at everything and I’m worthless, which can frustrate me — which frustrates him, which I then apologize for … and the cycle continues.

He is wonderfully supportive and provides me a lot of help, even when I don’t hear him saying it.

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