Girlfriend, you already know he’s a liar



January 8, 2020 - 9:59 AM

Hi, Carolyn: My boyfriend of 10 months has a “bestie” (word he uses) whom I have never met. They party together and coincidentally she can never meet up when I am out and I am never invited when she is hanging out. I believe he is keeping the space between us because they party together in ways I am concerned about, i.e. certain drugs and staying up all night. This makes me very uncomfortable, which I have expressed numerous times.

I asked to meet her to make it less mysterious, and it hasn’t happened. At first he gets defensive when I bring it up and then tells me he will rectify it. He tells me I am going to feel so much better once we meet because I’ll realize she is just a friend and she’ll tell me she has never seen him in love like this or as happy as he is now. My reaction is, well, if so, then why hasn’t he made it happen?

Which of course I know — because there is something wrong.

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