Granny is the star of in-law’s family



January 17, 2020 - 4:50 PM

Dear Carolyn: My 80-something mother-in-law makes me atrophied with her incessant attention-seeking, hyper-dramatized conversation hijacking. Amidst her long soliloquies of relating everything you just said to herself, I wither away, uninspired to contribute additional words, as they would become invalidated and unheard anyhow. As a doting and loving mother of several children of her own, she also extends her motherly skills and knowledge to others in a patronizing manner, which is embarrassing and unnecessary.

I’ve thought about confronting her on these things over the years, but if I did, I would undoubtedly become the black sheep because my spouse’s family “fans” find her grandstanding nature adorable. And to mention this to my spouse would most certainly cause distance between us.

Everyone loves “Granny,” so what’s wrong with me? — Withering Daughter-in-Law

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