He’s loving the pandemic. She hates it.

Can you explain why everyone is struggling with pandemic-style living? Or maybe you have the magic bullet for how moms can thrive during this, too?



March 8, 2021 - 4:03 PM

Dear Carolyn: My husband says he’s living his best life throughout the pandemic. For me, this has been a silver-lined struggle.

Before, he woke early and commuted an hour or more to work each way four days a week. He wore suits and had to attend “important” meetings. He traveled a lot and missed most family dinners. His weekends were full of kid activities and family time or more work. He didn’t take time for himself other than to do house projects. Since March, despite still having a 12-plus-hours-a-day job, he is happier and more present. I am awed by his superhuman ability to compartmentalize and avoid burnout.

I, meanwhile, am a stereotypical pandemic mom of kids under 7: I dialed back the paid work, ramped up the child supervision and shouldered all the household “stuff.” My whole life is operating at 11 and I’m cutting every corner I can find.

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