Husband’s heart is at risk from diet



September 19, 2019 - 10:12 AM

Dear Dr. Roach: My husband and I are both 72 and of normal weight. I have fought high cholesterol and triglycerides for many years and have taken various statins for a long time. My triglycerides still trend high, but my other numbers are now normal.

My husband eats a ton of processed meats, all the fat he wants and drinks three to five beers per day. His lipid panel results came back today, and his total cholesterol is 167, his LDL is 90, his HDL is 71, and his triglycerides are 29! He has never been on statin drugs. His only med is lisinopril for slightly high blood pressure.

What I am concerned about is a CT scan done as part of a study we participated in. My husband’s results have mentioned calcification of heart arteries over the years, and the most recent says he has “SEVERE calcification of coronary arteries.” I want him to go to a cardiologist, but his family doc says that this is not a problem and as long as he keeps his blood pressure low, he can live a long time with this. He is satisfied with that answer.

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