Fall chores include storing bulbs



September 28, 2021 - 10:56 AM

The change of from summer to fall — I always look forward to it. Although I’m sad to see my summer annuals begin to fade away, I do enjoy the fall scenery — mums, pumpkins, and the leaves putting on their colorful show. Fall also brings the time to do some tidying up around the home, storing summer bulbs, and yes — start making plans for the next growing season.

Don’t forget to dig your summer flowering bulbs and store those that will not survive Kansas winters. Bulbs such as gladiolus, caladium, dahlia, tuberous begonia, calla lily, and canna lily need to be dug and stored so they can be planted next year.

All of these plants should be dug after frost has browned the foliage. They should be allowed to dry for about a week in a shady, well-ventilated site such as a garage or tool shed. Any excess soil should be removed. The bulbs should be packed away in peat moss or perlite. When packing, make sure the bulbs don’t touch each other. That way if one decays, the rot won’t spread onto neighboring bulbs. Dusting the bulbs with fungicide before storing will help prevent them from rotting.

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