Tips to manage farm stress

Stress and losses contribute to both physical and emotional tiredness. Do you find yourself with a constant headache, tense muscles or feeling hopeless? These are the telltale signs of stress.



July 25, 2022 - 3:11 PM

Stress and losses contribute to both physical and emotional tiredness. PIXABAY.COM

Farmers and ranchers are often considered one of the most resilient groups of individuals. They face challenges daily that are out of their control and that impact their financial well-being and livelihood. Some of the recent challenges they have faced, as you may have heard or even experienced, include drought, wildfires, and extreme heat. What is the one thing these factors have in common? They cause stress to farmers and ranchers.

In recent months, most of the state has been in some form of drought. More specifically, parts of southwest Kansas have seen moderate to exceptional drought through the 2022 calendar year. In times of uncertainty, farmers and ranchers become stressed, but ultimately find ways to continue to persevere. Whether they have to sell animals, buy hay or rely on crop insurance, they usually always find a way to make ends meet. 

No matter the devotion to their livelihoods, sometimes things don’t work out. For example, cattle die from heat and humidity, the grass doesn’t grow to make hay and the ponds dry up. Losing your livelihood is never going to be easy; it is hard to see everything you and your family have worked for be destroyed with no way to change it. While these scenarios are highly stressful, there is always someone willing to help you cope with the losses. 

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