Mother takes pleasure in ‘catfishing’



December 18, 2018 - 9:23 AM

Dear Carolyn: My mother has gotten very good at getting information and causing trouble with people through social media. She has found which husband would cheat. She has found which teenage son or daughter uses drugs or has homosexual tendencies, by opening accounts and passing as a teenager, vixen, housewife, successful business owner, and even a teenage girl who started rumors about a boy’s sexuality. She went as far as passing herself off as a male baseball fan to become good friends (on social media) with my brother’s best friend so she could find out if they were just friends or in a sexual relationship. She has asked some of her friends to call my husband to flirt with him to see if he is faithful.

We had an argument about her getting involved in people’s lives. And she said, “Please, don’t start trying to be more moral or kind than everyone else.” Then she said, “You wouldn’t want someone to start a rumor about your son using drugs or having serious psychological problems.” My son is in college and uses social media.

I’ve tried to warn some friends and family of this, but everyone dismisses it or says it’s their fault for letting someone influence them on social media. I’m concerned she has already befriended my son’s friends online. Should I take it lightly? — Spy or Just Evil

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