Prostate cancer doesn’t end chance to be a dad



January 28, 2019 - 10:11 AM

Dear Dr. Roach: After blood analysis revealed elevated PSA levels, a urologist felt a lump on my prostate and arranged a biopsy. Of 12 samples taken, three were cancerous. The doctor recommends removal instead of radiation or any other therapy. I asked which type of cancer it is, and he replied that it is just cancer and won’t spread in a month or two but I should not wait too long to have the surgery.

I am concerned about negative physical consequences, but realize whatever they are it won’t be as bad as the cancer growing and spreading. At 61 I am not wanting to give up the prospect of being a father. I understand that there will be no ejaculate and freezing sperm is expensive. Is it possible to extract sperm from the testicle, and will my sex drive be diminished? —R.T.

Answer: If you are going to get surgery (and I have no information to recommend against it), I agree you shouldn’t wait too long. But let me answer your question about fertility.

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