Stop with the ‘reality TV’ behavior



July 29, 2019 - 9:58 AM

Dear Carolyn: Earlier this year, I moved back to where I grew up and reconnected with some old friends. My best friend from high school was especially excited to see me again, and we started seeing a lot of each other.

But she’s really critical of my lifestyle — I like to job-hop and date around, while she’s married with a 5-year-old and has a steady job as a medical assistant. I laughed it off at first, but her put-downs got meaner and meaner, and I finally lost it and told her off. I said her need to criticize my life meant she was defensive about hers, and that meant deep down she was insecure and unhappy.

Everyone who was telling me I shouldn’t put up with her behavior is now telling me I went overboard, because she seems devastated. I want to say to her that she sure can dish it out but not take it, but our families are really close, and there are a lot of family connections between us (small town).

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