‘Movement paths’ give kids outlet for activity


Local News

February 26, 2019 - 10:20 AM

What 5-year-old doesn’t have energy to burn?

On Monday, McKinley Elementary principal Angie Linn briefed USD 257 board members on a “movement paths” project adopted by the school. The endeavor involves placing a series of semi-permanent vinyl stickers on the school’s hallway floors  — one sticker depicting a lily pad, another a log or an arrow; some marked with letters, others with numbers — and then encouraging the students, when they encounter these constellations of stickies in the course of their school day, to skip or walk or hopscotch atop the strategically arrayed pattern, obeying the stickers’ subtle prompts (e.g. if the arrow points north, face north; if you come to a water hazard, bound over it). There are three pathways now. More are planned for the future.

“It really helps them to stay calm, focused, and regulated,” said Linn. Plus, it’s a great way to evaluate their gross motor skills, which — among this very youngest group of school-age children — are as wide-ranging as their academic talents. 

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