A soldier’s gift


Local News

June 5, 2019 - 10:27 AM

Kansas Army National Guard Capt. Ed Raschen gave Xavior Burrow, age 10 of Iola, a tour of the Armory Tuesday. Raschen gave the boy a flag patch at a local restaurant, which started a series of events that brought soldiers to support Burrow as he competed in the Special Olympics. REGISTER/VICKIE MOSS

Capt. Ed Raschen didn?t have a hint as to the significance a patch of the American flag would mean to Xavior Burrow on a recent Saturday evening at El Charro Mexican Restaurant.

Raschen wasn?t aware of Burrow?s diagnosis of autism, and as such his fascination with all things military. He didn?t know that simple gift would spread far beyond the moment. 

Raschen, Coffeyville, serves as a company commander at the Iola National Guard Armory and is in the midst of preparing a unit to deploy to the Middle East. Throughout his 13 years of military service he?s kept a small Bible in his uniform pocket. Inside, he keeps it stocked with two American flag patches. 

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