A truly ‘Kansas’ excursion


September 18, 2013 - 12:00 AM

Marci Penner and WenDee LaPlant of the Kansas Sampler Foundation are visiting all 626 incorporated cities in Kansas on a research mission for the second edition of the “Kansas Guidebook for Explorers.”
Penner is the author of the “8 Wonders of Kansas” and the explorers’ guidebook. She hopes to have the second edition finished by December 2015.
Penner and LaPlant made their way through Allen County this week. They visited Iola, Gas, Elsmore, Moran and Mildred. Today they will visit Humboldt.
While they were in Iola they received a tour of the Bowlus Fine Arts Center and the Funston and Old Jail museums. The explorers checked out eateries, such as El Charro, King’s, Bolling’s Meat Market and Deli and Around the Corner.
Penner said the guidebook is not a tourism book. The book is for those who are curious to see what Kansas has in store.
“As an explorer state Kansas is number one,” Penner said.
Attractions like the zinc Civil War soldier statue and the Eleanor Roosevelt outhouse in Iola Cemetery, at the west edge of town, are just a few of the fun things that they look for.
LaPlant said Kansas Sampler Foundation is a non-profit funded by private donation.

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