ACRH panel discusses management, history



May 16, 2018 - 11:00 PM

A task force charged with directing the future management of Allen County Regional Hospital started with a history lesson. And from that lesson, task force members learned there’s a lot they need to know before they can move forward.

The task force formed last month to decide whether to to stay with the hospital’s current management company, Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), or pursue other options. The group met for the first time Wednesday and asked Alan Weber, attorney for the board of trustees, for a timeline that included a history of HCA’s relationship with the hospital as well as the deadlines as imposed under the current contract.

Weber’s presentation led to a realization among members that they’ll likely want to seek presentations from other health care management firms to see how HCA’s services compare. But they’ll need to know a lot more about the current contract and services before they can do that.

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