April’s library selections feature grief, obsession



April 15, 2018 - 11:00 PM

Iola Public Library

Caia Paine takes an unlikely route to acceptance and a kind of peace after her 13-year-old son is killed by a car while skateboarding in “Redemption Song” by Tanya Anne Crosby. Her grief and anger obsess her to the point that others in her life are driven away, leaving her isolated. Caia can’t believe the driver who killed her son is free to live his life, and decides to track him down and ruin his life. When she finds him, she watches him every day until she finds a way to insinuate herself into his life. Much to her surprise, she finds herself beginning to like him and his family, opening the way to move on with her life.

A different type of obsession moves the plot in “The Innocent Wife” by Amy Lloyd. A documentary that casts doubt on the verdict in the case of a convicted murderer causes Samantha to correspond with him, and in a short while she moves from correspondent to girlfriend to wife.

When the convict, Dennis Danson, is released based on new DNA evidence, Sam expects wedded bliss. Unfortunately, Dennis proves to be erratic, distant, and unreasonable — and while he may have not been guilty of the murder for which he was convicted, might he be guilty of others?

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