Bruno: quite ‘paws’sibly our smallest news carrier



August 16, 2013 - 12:00 AM

MORAN — Maybe Bruno the dog should be on the Register payroll.
When Arla Faye Brown rescued Bruno 11 years ago, little did she know that he would be her little “paperdog.” Brown, who moved into Moran from a farm outside of town in 2005, brought the dachsund with her.
“He wasn’t getting the care he needed,” Brown said of the loyal pet. Brown said the dog was originally meant to be bred, but a problem with his back legs made him less than desirable. When Brown got him, he was “flea-bitten and starved.”
Family was slow to warm up to the dog. Brown said a niece declared Bruno as “the ugliest dog I ever saw.”
Never mind. Bruno is a faithful companion for Brown — and even a useful helper.
When Brown says “go get the paper,” he does just that.
On Wednesday afternoon, Bruno demostrated his skills. When Brown announced the newspaper had arrived, Bruno burst out the door and ran down the sidewalk. Without hesitation, Bruno picked up the newspaper with his mouth, ran back up the sidewalk and up the stairs into the house. He then sat waiting for a treat.
“I don’t know how it started,” Brown said of the habit. She did not train him to retrieve the newspaper. Maybe he just wanted to help.
In his older age, Bruno is a bit slower getting up and down the sidewalk, especially those stairs. But, he seems happy to do the chore.
“Even if there’s a big paper that day,” she laughed.

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