Capper’s stays on top of traditions



December 2, 2016 - 12:00 AM

Fashion trends come and go, but Brent and Carla Capper have learned all too well that some things — particularly with jewelry — never go out of style.

Especially at Christmas.

For example, the Cappers know most of their male customers likely won’t do much shopping until a few days remain before Christmas; but not necessarily because of procrastination.

“For one thing, the guys are probably busy,” Carla said, or they don’t want to worry about storing or hiding gifts weeks in advance.

“And I know a lot of guys, who once they buy something, they can’t wait to give it,” she said with a laugh. “It doesn’t make it to Christmas because they give it too early.”

Other standards, such as gold or diamonds, will remain popular forever, Carla noted.

“I like diamonds,” she said. “Brent likes diamonds. He thinks every mother’s ring should have a diamond for each kid.”

That said, there are other trends in the jeweler’s world.

Sterling silver jewelry has grown more popular in recent years, in part because the exploding cost of gold has priced that precious metal out of many customers’ budgets.

“Years ago, neither Brent nor his father would have worked much with sterling silver,” Carla said. “But in the last three years, we’ve started sizing and selling stuff in sterling.

“Brent’s father (the late Arthur Capper) would probably turn over if we realized we have an entire section of the store with sterling.”


CAPPER’S JEWELRY has been a part of the downtown Iola business district at 4 N. Washington Ave. for the past 52 years, having been started by Arthur and Martha Capper.

Brent and Carla took over in 1995.

Among the trends for 2016: