Corleone’s: the ‘new guy’ making waves



April 5, 2013 - 12:00 AM

Corleone’s Pizza, Pasta and Pub opened its doors about six months ago, and already is making a name for itself.
Owner Katy Boren said response to the restaurant has been great, although cold and snowy weather has put a crimp in some activities she and the staff would like to have.
The restaurant has a staff of 35, and finding help hasn’t been a problem, Boren said, although it indicates “there are a lot of people out there looking for jobs.”
“We have a wide swath of people,” Boren said. “We have people who have worked in the industry for years and people where it’s their first job.”
Among notable employees are chef Brian Donovan and manager Carri Sailor, who are constantly looking for ways to improve the business. They make homemade food fresh every day and keep a wide variety of beers on tap, such as Guinness.
Having a full line of offerings has led to success of the bar.
“Sometimes you want to go get lasagna and a glass of wine. Where can you get that? You don’t want to have to drive an hour,” Boren said.
Having a large selection of food and amenities has brought in customers from surrounding towns.
Like any new business, Boren and her staff have gone through growing pains and have made changes in the restaurant that they didn’t expect.
The pub area in the back of the restaurant happens to be the customer hot spot. 
Boren said she tries to keep the menu fresh and constantly evolving. She doesn’t want someone to be able to memorize the menu.
“I want you to be surprised when you come in,” she said.
Boren said opening the restaurant has been a “huge adventure.”

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