County counselor battles breast cancer



March 11, 2016 - 12:00 AM


lan Weber moved to Iola from Lincoln, Neb., in 1967, when he was 14. His parents owned the motel on North State Street. As a teen, Weber worked at the motel, cleaning the pool, attending to the laundry, gathering up the great tangled hunks of sheets and towels. After high school, he enrolled at Allen County Community College, one of the first classes to gather at the new campus. He then went on to Kansas University. From there, to KU Law.

In 1977, Weber returned to Allen County, to Humboldt this time, where he entered into practice with John White, a former district court judge. Within a couple of years, he was practicing on his own. He fell in love with a woman he met in court one day, a fellow attorney named Nanette Kemmerly. In time, they married and, eventually, the pair had a child, a daughter, Katie.

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