County eyes pricey boom mower

Allen County Commissioners heard a proposal to buy a new MowerMax boom mower; they had concerns about service should the equipment experience problems.



December 1, 2022 - 2:31 PM

Allen County Commissioner Bruce Symes looks over a brochure on MowerMax, a specialty boom mower designed specifically for governments, at Tuesday’s Allen County Commission meeting. Photo by Vickie Moss

Allen County has invested quite a bit of money into equipment this year, and earlier this week debated whether to purchase an expensive new boom mower.

A few months ago, Road and Bridge Director Mark Griffith asked commissioners to buy a MowerMax boom mower with an estimated cost of $270,000. They’ve been debating it off and on, and on Tuesday a representative of the Florida-based company that makes the product came before the commission to answer questions.

The company designed a compact, heavy-duty, wide area mower to meet the needs of governments, which traditionally use tractor-mounted boom mowers to clear ditches along streets and roads.

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