County wants to auction surplus property

The Public Works and road departments want to offload some of their obsolete and unused equipment. County commissioners are reviewing proposals to have an auction for surplus property in the next month or so.



September 7, 2022 - 2:41 PM

Local auctioneer John Brocker discusses a proposal for an auction of surplus county equipment.

One man’s junk is another man’s treasure, as Allen County’s Road and Bridge Director Mark Griffith says.

County officials are hoping to organize an auction of surplus equipment.

Much of it comes from the Public Works and road departments, and includes a lot of old equipment, such as trucks, motor graders, brush hogs and tractors. It would also include chairs, computer equipment and other items.

“We don’t need it. It’s stuff that just sits out here and wastes away. A lot of it is obsolete and no good to us anymore but hopefully someone else can find a use for it,” Griffith said. 

The auction has not yet been scheduled. Commissioners on Tuesday reviewed two bids from local auctioneers Ross Daniels and John Brocker.

Brocker was on hand to discuss his proposal. He said costs will vary depending on how much preparation the county can do, and how much work is required on his end. 

Commissioners wanted time to review the bids.

County Clerk Sherrie Riebel anticipated it will take about a month to set up the auction. If commissioners make a decision next week, she expects the auction to happen sometime in mid-October.

KELLY Klubek, pastor of the Iola Community Church of the Nazarene, asked commissioners for permission to use the bandstand on the courthouse lawn each evening from Sept. 18 to 24. 

The church has invited Pastor Victor Tukakira of Uganda to speak during a church revival Sept. 11-18 at the church. They plan to extend that to the community starting Sept. 18.

Tukakira is expected to talk about issues facing residents including alcoholism, depression and anxiety, and how to find spiritual guidance as well as community assistance programs. 

“He’s also going to talk about how he has seen the United States change from being a country that sends people out into the mission fields, to being the No. 1 place to send missionaries to,” Klubek said. 

Commissioners approved the request to use the bandstand and electricity.

IN OTHER news, commissioners:

• Approved a plan to offer flu shots to county employees on Sept. 15.