Humboldt gives pay increases

City Council members agreed to an across-the-board 83-cent per hour raise for 2024. Thrive Allen County also discussed renewing the city's annual contract for economic development services.



December 12, 2023 - 2:41 PM

Jared Wheeler, Thrive Allen County's new economic development director, introduces himself to Humboldt Council members. At right is Lisse Regehr, Thrive CEO.

HUMBOLDT — In an effort to attract more employees, Humboldt council members agreed to give an across-the-board 83-cent per hour raise for 2024. The increase raises the city’s overall payroll by about 4%, said Cole Herder, city administrator. 

In addition to the one-time increase, the beginning wage for a new employee will be increased from $15 an hour to $15.30 an hour.  

Council members viewed the 83-cent per hour increase as a way to boost the incomes of those on the lower tiers. 

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