Iolans’ home is awash in lights



December 12, 2011 - 12:00 AM

Anyone traveling in south Iola on Washington Avenue after sunset this holiday season surely has had their day brightened by the sight of Shayne and Teri Shaughnessy’s Christmas-drenched home.
Thousands of lights, a Santa Claus and the chain of neon reindeer in front of the 426 S. Washington Avenue home are worth the few hours of labor required every year, said Teri Shaughnessy, wife of husband Shayne and mother of Shelby and Ty.
Teri Shaughnessy said the couple decks out their home with holiday lights every year, but now that the two children are getting older — Shelby is 5 and Ty is 2 — the level of detail is heightening.
“As the kids are getting to be a little bit older, its easier to get gung-ho for (the holidays),” she said. “They get excited when they see any kind of lights anywhere so we figured we better have our own lights.”
The annual display has become a staple at the Shaughnessy home. To assure the tradition is maintained, the couple said the dozens upon dozens of light strands required to live up to the kids’ expectation are bought 11 months ahead of time.
“I always go to Walmart after Christmas and get (lights) on sale. That’s our strategy,” Teri Shaughnessy said. “We plan ahead.”
The Shaughnessys will keep the display up until the New Year’s holiday.

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