Parham’s two loves: Piano and pets


Local News

May 3, 2019 - 5:27 PM

Judy Parham's new passion is taking care of cats and dogs.

Brenda Clark is Judy Parham’s biggest fan. “She’s really, really good on  the keyboard,” Brenda gushed.

Judy is more on the modest side, allowing she hopes to do OK later today when the two women get together on the gazebo in Humboldt’s square for a concert to support the local food pantry.

Judy, age 70, grew up on a farm not too far from the Leanna, nowadays a few houses on the Allen-Neosho counties line. As a young girl, she took piano lessons from Mrs. Bundy, a friend of the family who agreed to teach Judy and her two sisters for a $1 week. 

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