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March 26, 2020 - 10:02 AM

Mike Myer Register file photo

Mike Myer of Humboldt responded Wednesday to an invitation by The Register for readers to share how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting their work and daily activities. 

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I am employed at Monarch Cement and so far not much has changed. We do go through a daily screening to see if we have a fever and we have to let Monarch know if we have traveled to a hot zone. Some of my co-workers will be moving to other shifts to reduce the amount of contact with co-workers in the plant. The plant is locked down and any employee or visitor must check in before being allowed to enter the plant.

My wife Verna is the case manager at Angels Home Care in Chanute. With her being in the healthcare field she must continue to work. She is being very careful and taking all of the precautions she can. We are both praying for this virus to be wiped out so that everyone can be safe. But as long as people need the care my wife will be there for them. We miss going to church but we know that we need to do all we can to keep everyone safe. We often go out for supper and sometimes to the movies but now we are staying at home and watching movies, and fixing each other supper.

My daughter, Michaela Myer lives in Johnson County, Kan., so she is under a stay-at-home order. She has been working from home for over a week and she says she would like to be able to get out more. She belongs to a gym and they are giving virtual workout lessons. She has brought some of the gym weights home and she works out in her garage. She also enjoys going out and running, but the only one she runs with is her dog, Tessa.

We are both Kansas City Chiefs fans and after the Chiefs won the Super Bowl she ordered me a Patrick Mahomes jersey. They were on back order and that jersey was delivered to her home last Thursday. I ordered a commemorative book put out by the Kansas City Star that is full of articles and pictures from the Chiefs’ entire season. That book came to my porch on the same day she got the jerseys. Usually I would have gone to Johnson County and taken her out for supper and we would have exchanged gifts but with the coronavirus we have to wait. Usually we see each other about once a month for supper but we know that will have to wait for a while too.

Michaela’s maternal grandmother passed away yesterday, but because she lives in Johnson County she will not be allowed to attend the funeral. The funeral home also will not allow any indoor services. Only a graveside service. 

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