Selling Hell’s half-acre

Land auction fetches $418,000 for property that includes the home site of the notorious Bender family. The Labette County clan was responsible for one of the most grisly series of murders in the state's history.


Local News

February 14, 2020 - 4:25 PM

Register reporter Trevor Hoag reads the historical marker at the junction of highways 400 and 169 near where the Bender family murdered numerous pioneers between 1872-1873. Photo by Bob Johnson / Iola Register

CHERRYVALE — “Look, it’s farmland for crying out loud,” said Cherryvale native and museum board member Don Richardson. “That’s all. There’s nothing out there.”

Or is there?

Richardson was referring to “Tract 9,” a plot of 162 acres northeast of Cherryvale that, according to auctioneer Brent Wellings, was sold for agricultural use Tuesday.

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