Two hurt in wreck

Both were taken to Allen County Regional Hospital for what were described as non-life-threatening injuries.


Local News

August 5, 2022 - 3:38 PM

Emergency crews remove wreckage from 1100 Street (Old Highway 169) between Iola and Humboldt Friday after a three-vehicle accident sent two people to the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries. Photo by Richard Luken

Two people were taken to the hospital following a three-vehicle accident late Friday morning between Iola and Humboldt along Old 169, or 1100 Street.

Deputies said the driver of a car was following a minivan while both were northbound on the road, when the car’s driver took her eyes off the road to pick up a water bottle, and did not realize the van had stopped in order to turn onto Iowa Road.

The car’s driver attempted to miss the stopped van, but clipped the van’s corner with her car, sending the car careening into the southbound lane, where it was struck by a southbound car.

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