Murphy would target narcotics trade



October 24, 2012 - 12:00 AM

Bryan Murphy’s campaign is in full swing for November’s election for Allen County sheriff, and he is confident of his place in the race.
Murphy, 48, currently undersheriff for the county, has been involved with law enforcement in Allen County since moving from the Kansas City area in 1994. He is running against Skylar Clark for the position, to be decided in the Nov. 6 election.
Murphy said he feels good about the support he is receiving for his campaign.
“I feel confident about my efforts,” Murphy said. “The county has shown me a lot of support.”
Murphy said he is sticking to his guns about narcotics enforcement in the county as one of his top priorities if elected sheriff.
“Enforcing illegal narcotics has really been my niche,” Murphy said. “It’s really an important thing for me.”
He said the sheriff’s department must continue to make narcotics enforcement a priority because of the changes in technology. Technology in drug manufacturing and solicitation has been consistently improving over the years, and Murphy thinks law enforcement needs to keep up with the same standards to combat the drug problems in the county.
Another reason Murphy cited the importance of narcotics enforcement was due to the fact that drug use contributes to many other aspects of crime in our communities.
“Many thefts are motivated by drug use, and tend to contribute to other crimes as well,” Murphy said. “Drug enforcement helps to combat a large volume of crime.”
He said current Sheriff Tom Williams has been very open-minded about improving technology in the department, and he looks to add to an already successful program. He said his department has looked into providing forensic equipment to deputies, with the goal of aiding digital retrieval of information from potential drug traffickers.
Murphy said he believes he works with some of the best law enforcement officers in the state, and would be privileged to lead them as sheriff.
“I would be willing to put any officer in our department on anything from patrol to a homicide case, without any concern,” Murphy said.
He said he believes the community can trust him to serve as sheriff. Overall the past 21 years in law enforcement, Murphy said he has been learning what it takes to be a sheriff and he said he has the knowledge to be effective in the office.
In the end, Murphy said he wouldn’t be able to do his job well without the support of the community. He has seen this support throughout his candidacy, and looks forward to seeing it in his role as sheriff of Allen County, if elected.
“Having the community behind me speaks a lot,” Murphy said. “The citizens have given me great support, and I really appreciate it.”

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