Music teacher finds a new rhythm

Elementary school music teacher was inspired by her own teachers. She's adapting to teaching music during a pandemic.



September 9, 2020 - 9:38 AM

Jalissa Beachy likes to take her music students to picnic tables at Jefferson Elementary School, so they can sing and take a break from wearing masks. She teaches music to kindergarten students at McKinley Elementary School and first and second graders at Jefferson. Photo by Vickie Moss

For Jalissa Beachy, teaching music to elementary students during a pandemic is just the latest in a line of non-traditional educational experiences.

It all goes back to her own early school years. As a fifth-grader at Westphalia Elementary, she was the only girl in a class with about 14 boys. 

Because she didn’t have any female peers, Beachy bonded with her fifth grade teacher, Diane Ball. That year, the class wrote and published their own books as well as made a video that Beachy still watches from time to time.

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