In ambassador’s job, Brownback looser, more relaxed


National News

May 28, 2018 - 11:00 PM

Sam Brownback

WASHINGTON (AP) — Sam Brownback appears relaxed, looser and more convivial as he settles into his ambassador’s job, miles both geographically and emotionally from where he was during his final, difficult months as Kansas’ governor.

When Brownback left the governor’s office in January, the two-term conservative Republican left behind low approval ratings, ire from fellow Republicans over the state’s fiscal problems and an order from the Kansas Supreme Court to increase spending on public schools.

Five months later, a visibly relaxed Brown-back was back in his element, The Kansas City Star reports. He was making jokey sports analogies, ribbing former aide and U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan, boasting about his anti-abortion record in Kansas and asking the faithful for their prayers.

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