Inflation spikes lead to voter concerns

Republicans are likely to target inflation as a key issue in the midterm elections. It's the latest in a string of challenges for the Biden White House and Democrats.


National News

October 20, 2021 - 9:47 AM

President Joe Biden held fast to getting Congress to pass an infrastructure bill. Photo by (Max Ortiz/The Detroit News/TNS)

WASHINGTON — Democrats and Republicans alike have long expected next year’s midterm elections to hinge on the state of the coronavirus pandemic, the job market and former President Donald Trump’s influence on the GOP.

Now, they see a new potential top issue emerging: inflation.

Political strategists from both parties are closely watching the price of everyday goods, which continue to rise at higher-than-expected rates, preparing to grapple with a pocketbook issue that could resonate with voters in a way it hasn’t in decades.

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