It’s Election Day

Record numbers of Americans have already cast their ballots. More will vote at the polls today in the face of a global pandemic.


National News

November 3, 2020 - 10:02 AM

Democracy depends on us voting. Here, a long line of voters waits to cast their ballots outside the John Silas Bass North Community Building in Iola. Photo by Tim Stauffer

The scourge of a global pandemic produced an election season like no other in the U.S., persuading record numbers of Americans to cast their ballots early, forcing states to make changes to long-established election procedures and leading to hundreds of lawsuits over how votes will be cast and which ballots will be counted.

Polls began opening today as election officials warned that millions of absentee ballots could slow the tallies, perhaps for days, in some key battleground states and as President Donald Trump threatened legal action to prevent ballots from being counted after Election Day.

Amid the tumult, tens of millions of Americans heeded warnings to act early, prompted by concerns over Postal Service delays and worries about the virus spreading through crowded polling places.

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