‘Our house in on fire.’

Suburban women lead charge against Trump. Longtime Republicans claim that party has been commandeered by cowards — and worse.


National News

October 19, 2020 - 8:43 PM

"Restoring our democracy is a huge piece. I have not been happy with the election of Trump since the day he was elected. I'm very concerned that we're no longer using science and facts to solve our problems," Joyce Peralta of Beverly Hills said at her home on Thursday, September 17, about her thoughts on the upcoming presidential election.

TROY, Mich. (AP) — She walks with the determination of a person who believes the very fate of democracy might depend on the next door she knocks on, head down, shoulders forward. She wears nothing fussy, the battle fatigues of her troupe: yoga pants and sneakers. She left her Lincoln Aviator idling in the driveway, the driver door open — if this house wasn’t the one to save the nation, she can move quickly to the next.

For most of her life, until 2016, Lori Goldman had been politically apathetic. Had you offered her $1 million, she says, she could not have described the branches of government in any depth. She voted, sometimes.

Now every moment she spends not trying to rid America of President Donald Trump feels like wasted time.

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