Texas town mourns

The small town of Uvalde gathered to tour after 19 elementary school children were fatally shot in their classroom.


National News

May 26, 2022 - 2:20 PM

A fourth grade teacher at Robb Elementary school consoles her student after a vigil at the Uvalde County Fairplex in Texas Wednesday. The teacher who did not give her name said "I told my students to get down and pray" after she heard the gun fire. (Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times/TNS)

In a uniquely American scene of mourning, community members in a small Texan town where 19 elementary school children were fatally shot in their classroom gathered the following night in a bull-riding ring beneath the Texan and American flags to put their faith in Jesus — and one another.

Religious leaders, speaking in turns in English and Spanish, urged the townspeople of Uvalde to hold one another tight and trust in their God, even in the face of so much horror.

“God still loves these little children,” said Tony Gruben, pastor of the Baptist Temple Church. “We don’t understand it, but he does.”

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