Oversight may work to city’s advantage


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September 11, 2018 - 11:18 AM

HUMBOLDT — Humboldt may get more bang for the bucks it budgeted for sewer improvements.
City Administrator Cole Herder told council members Monday night an engineering misstep reduced cost for the ongoing sewer project by $262,400. The oversight surfaced when it was discovered a stretch of sewer main had been upgraded in 1999, saving the city expected repairs to the 9,816 feet.
The entire project had been tallied as costing $5.2 million.
Herder proposed service taps that need attention in the north part of town be included in repairs being done to the system. That service tap work was left out to keep the 40-year loan within scope of what council members thought residents could retire with rate increases.
Council deferred approving a change order, required to add service taps to the project, until Herder makes certain all will work as expected. A decision is expected at the Oct, 8 session.
They did approve a change order to construct a manhole east of Walter Johnson Field, in the area of a covey of housing. Cost will be $16,800.
They also gave Clayton Broyles go-ahead to organize a Black Friday bike ride around the downtown square. Broyles will work with Herder and others to develop a means of permitting bike riders to circle the square for up to three hours the Friday evening after Thanksgiving, Nov. 23, without interfering with vehicular traffic.
Broyles likened the event to skaters parading at Rockefeller Center in New York City. Entertainment fit for the season may be included, along with lighting a Christmas Tree, and make it a holiday event for years to come.
IN OTHER NEWS, council members:
— Approved two documents setting in motion plans to extend gas, water and sewer lines to a 30-acre industrial tract northeast of town. First, they agreed to accept $335,000 from Allen County to fund the lion’s share of the project. They then agreed to pay BG Consultants $75,000, included in the cost, to provide engineering services. Joe Works, B&W Trailer Hitches, has agreed to help with excavation of trenches to accommodate lines. City crews are expected to do much of the work to hold down cost.
— Signed on to a consortium of cities situated along U.S. 169 that intends to lobby for a number of improvements over the next decade or two. As the major corridor between Kansas City and Tulsa, the ultimate goal is for all the highway to have four lanes, which now exists from Kansas City to south of Osawatomie. Short-term expectation is to improve safety and efficiency of the roadway.
— Met in executive session for five minutes to discuss acquisition of real property and 15 minutes for a non-elected personnel matter. No action was taken afterward.


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